Eli Villalobos

GOTEM FIT Instructor

Specialties: swim, bike, obstacle course races, scuba diving, Fitranx,

My decision to join Got EM Fit to get healthy and improve my lifestyle changed my whole life in more ways than one. I think my story is one most of you can relate to, I'm not afraid to admit there were times in my life when my diet was terrible and exercise was nearly nonexistent which led to me putting on a lot of weight. I'm a scuba diver with goals of becoming a dive master someday. I love to swim, bike and disc golf in my spare time, but never had the drive or determination to stay in shape until I found the Got EM Fit 28 day Challenge on Facebook which ultimately changed my attitude and my lifestyle. I just loved the family atmosphere, the camaraderie, the drive and positive energy I got from going to group at Got EM Fit.  I've met some very special people along the way. After that successful challenge I set goals to do even better – which included the Green Beret Commando which was a 4 person team challenge for 3hrs of running, completing obstacles by pushing/pulling/carrying/dragging tons of stuff as a team to the finish line. 
I've since completed the Yeti OCR and have plans on doing many more OCR races and two triathlons for 2019. I've also recently completed level four of the Fitranx Ranking System at Got EM and plan on completing level five very soon. Since joining Got EM I've lost 20 pounds and 12% body fat. This has pushed me into a direction I never imagined I'd go – resulting in becoming a certified group fitness Boot Camp instructor through the American sports fitness Association. I ended up turning my own life journey to get in shape into a true passion and I have James and Amber and the whole Got EM Fit family to thank for that. For me it's a personal achievement but it's also nice that now I can help other people and pay it forward.