Lerin Ogle

GOTEM FIT Instructor

Hi I’m L’Erin!
I’m a mom, nurse, writer, and fitness enthusiast!
In the past, I’ve taught Jazzercise and have run several half marathons. During COVID I lost my focus and drifted away from the healthy lifestyle I loved. Then I joined GotEm Fit and discovered a whole new approach to fitness!
I participated in a 6 week challenge and was immediately hooked by the positivity and support from the coaches and members. I love the culture and GotEm crew who have changed my life. Learning more about nutrition and exercise has not only strengthened and motivated me but has allowed me to set a great example for others in my life.
I am so excited to be able to join the instructors and coaches at GotEm Fit and hope to help people find the joy and success I continue to experience here!