Jimmy Fulton

GOTEM FIT Instructor

Hi everyone, I’m Jimmy and I am excited to be a coach at GotEmFit.  A little bit of info about me. I have worked in customer service for a lighting company since December of 2019, prior to that, I lived in New Orleans. I live in Lenexa with my partner and pit bull mix Paige. I joined GotEm in January of 2022 during one of the 42 day challenges and have been here ever since.  You can normally find me at the gym every morning running before class.  Prior to joining GotEm, I was not a very active person but I knew I needed to do something and was ready for a change, so I saw the ad for the 42 day challenge on Facebook and decided to request more information, however, that was right before we had a vacation scheduled to Disney World in Florida.  When I first met James I told him that I was going on vacation and would contact him as soon as I returned, however, I am sure he thought that would be the last he heard from me, but I was standing in a line at Disney and sent him a text telling him I would be ready to make a change when we returned. Joining GotEmFit was one of the best decisions I have ever made and now I am excited to become a Group Instructor and take the knowledge I have acquired in the past year and help others achieve their goals.  As someone who has lost over 120 pounds since I first walked through the doors at GotEm, I can relate to what others feel when they first walk through those doors and I am excited to see everyone achieve their goals through exercise, nutrition, and the family you will gain once you come in.  I am ready to motivate, encourage, and support all who come to GotEm whether you are already part of the family or you are a new member! I am certified through the American Sports & Fitness Association as a group fitness instructor as well as through the American Heart Association for CPR.