I have been a fitness professional for the last 20 years. My experience comes strongly from the endurance sports world where I have held advanced certifications with both USA Triathlon and USA Cycling. I have spent the last two decades working with endurance athletes from beginners to elite. My experience includes beginners coming off the couch, and spans all the way to athletes who have qualified for the Ironman World Championships and won Olympic gold medals. The number one thing I have learned about fitness over the years is quite simple – you can accomplish amazing things if you put your mind and motivation to it.

I first came to Got Em’ Fit in 2017. I had decided to take up the sport of Obstacle Course and Spartan Racing.  After doing some quick research I found that our owner, James Hanton, is an experienced OCR racer and encourages all of his members to participate in these events.  Within my first year I completed 3 Spartan Events, 1 Tougher Mudder, and various other OCR events. In OCR racing, you are using every muscle in your body, and doing so in various planes of motion.  It really is the ultimate test of strength, mobility, and endurance.  In all of my time as a fitness professional, I have never seen any workouts that condition the entire body and the cardiovascular system like the workouts at Got Em’ Fit. 

More importantly, I am busy husband and father of two active children. I spend my ‘day job’ as a self employed CPA, and spend time actively training for competitive endurance events. I have participated in various endurance events for much of my life - triathlon, running, and OCR events. But my lifelong passion has always been with the sport of cycling, which I continue to stay active in.

Group Fitness Instruction History

  • Indoor cycling
    • 2004 - Present
    • Worked for Prairie Life Fitness and Quivira Sports and Health
    • Certified previously through Madd Dog Athletics, AKA Johnny G Spinning
  • Adult Masters Swim
    • 2009 - Present
    • Worked for YMCA and currently at Prairie Life Fitness
  • Briktense
    • 2006 - Present
    • Triathlon group training program
    • Held at Prairie Life Fitness, and other various locations.