Meet The Trainers

Alejandra (Alex) Nixon


My name is Alejandra (Alex) Nixon. I was born and raised in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico. I
am fluent in Spanish and English and I am ready to learn a new language such as French. I love
to travel!! I love the outdoors while getting tanned!! I love burgers!!! I am not a dessert person
unless it’s cheesecake but most of all I love my little family. I have been married to the man of
my dreams for almost four years and counting and we have 3 beautiful fur babies. We have a
Siberian husky name Mya and 2 kitties: Tote and Rocki. I always wake up with a smile and I am
loud, a goofball and proud of it!! I tell jokes that don’t make sense but since I laughed while
telling them, my friends and family still find them funny. I do have an accent but I am most
definitely proud of it!! I surround myself with positive people. My life motto is “you only live once
so why not live each day to the fullest without any regrets”. And of course HAKUNA MATATA!!!
We should always be proud of our accomplishments and always learn from our experiences
because that’s what makes us, US.

I have been a Personal Trainer for over 3 years and I love it. I am NASM certified and First
Aid/CPR certified.
I love helping people crush their personal goals as well as their fitness goals. I don’t consider it
to be a job as I love getting to know people and making a difference in their lives.
I fell in love with Fitness when I met my husband back in 2010. I have always been a fan of
working out, but I never really considered being a Personal Trainer since I have always worked
in the banking industry. However one day my husband said “what do you think about changing
careers” and I said “okay you do it first and then I will follow” And that’s exactly what happened!!
I am now more than ever invested in getting to know a lot of people that want to get healthier,
feel better about themselves not only on the outside but as well as the inside. I love helping
them become an even more EXTRAordinary version of themselves. I love how much you get to
connect with clients and how personal those relationships are. I, as a Personal Trainer, I am
also a Life Coach. I listen to my clients, I help them get through their difficult times while getting
stronger and being able to envision themselves into an individual they never thought they could

I specialize in all age groups and all walks of life. I have had clients with heart conditions where
we had to monitor their pulse throughout the entire workout using a heart rate monitor. I have
worked with clients with bad knees, bad backs, bad shoulders and have created customized
workout plans that incorporate specific movements to alleviate pain and strengthen the proper
muscles while increasing mobility. I have worked with men and women anywhere from 18 to 60
years old and helped them reach their goals, whether it is strength or mobility, or training for an
obstacle course race(OCR) or a marathon. I have had multiple clients work with me for longer
periods of time going through custom phases of dropping body fat, increasing lean mass, and
getting super lean to step on stage for fitness or bikini competitions.
I am here for anyone that needs a support system, to lead them to make a change in their lives
that they have been wanting to do for a while. I am here to give 100% of myself and help the
clients reach their potential while trusting me throughout the process. I AM a true commitment to you out there!! I AM Alex Nixon and I am here to help you become an even more
EXTRAordinary individual than you already are!!!


Owners/ trainers:
James and Amber Hanton


James Hanton:
James Hanton has been a personal trainer professional for over 10 years with a proven track record, who trained/ managed at another local Gym 7 years prior to opening Got EM Fit. At Got EM Fit, James has focused on building the business, culture and has created a name for himself in the Kansas City fitness community.

James is passionate about helping people regain their lives back! Helping them discover the inner athlete that is dying to get out!!

James played Football at the collegiate level and also went on to play Arena Football. He was a fitness competitor for 7 years including competing at the pro level for 3 of those years. James is also a NutraBio sponsored athlete and Fitness Model. He also competes in Spartan Races, Mud Runs and Obstacle Course Racing at the Elite level.

James is certified in the following:

FitRanx Certified, Spartan SGX certified, NASM certified personal trainer, TRX Certified, Kettle Bell Certified, ACE Specialty Fitness Nutrition Cert. and Functional Aging Training Cert.

Amber Hanton:

Amber Hanton has been a personal trainer for over 5 years after undergoing her own personal transformation. She has competed in fitness Competitions as well as trained multiple athletes, helping them win their Pro Cards. But most importantly she is passionate about helping Women gain their self esteem back and find balance in life!

Amber played Volleyball and Soccer throughout high school and at the Collegiate level. During college at The University of Kansas, Amber successfully co-managed The Buckle, a retail clothing store in Lawrence KS. Then went on to manage her own store in Wichita, KS.

After Amber and James moved back to Kansas City, Amber along with her parents owned and managed Freddy T’s Bar and Grill in Olathe, Ks.

Amber also worked at LifeTime Fitness for a year, managing the children activity center.

Amber has an ACE Personal Training Cert., ACE Specialty Fitness Nutrition Cert. Youth Fitness Specialty Cert.

As working parents with 3 kids, 2 of which play competitive sports James and Amber balance life through great organizational skills, time management, and excellent communication.

James and Amber are members of KindCraft, volunteers at Their children’s schools and are excited to bring further knowledge of health and fitness to their Community.

Premier Fitness Center for Olathe

Got EM Fit is the premier body rejuvenation center in Olathe for busy adults. We know that you have a family, a job and other obligations. You don’t have time to spend two hours on a treadmill everyday in hopes of losing weight. Neither do we! At Got EM Fit, we have a specific plan in place that helps generate results quickly and safely, without foregoing all your favorite foods or spending all day in the gym.​

What’s Your Ultimate Motivator?

Here’s the bottom line: you want to feel and LOOK great! That’s what it all comes down to right? Most of us know we need to eat well and exercise to prevent heart disease, diabetes, strokes and a myriad of other highly preventable diseases. Do those things REALLY drive us to get up and do something about it? They usually do not. But, when we realize our ultimate motivator, whether it be looking good at the beach, having more energy for the kids, feeling more attractive, etc., meeting your goals becomes MUCH easier!​

Get The Results You’re Looking For!

Even if what gets you going is pure and simple vanity, that’s OK, because when you train to make the outside look good, the inside gets better too! After all, the same training that lowers body fat and increases lean muscle mass, helping you achieve that tight, athletic look can also reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, help regulate blood sugar and a whole host of other health benefits. In other words, by getting what you want, you also get what you need!​

Got EM Fit is not just a gym. We don’t sell “memberships.” When you choose to train here, you are hiring a team of highly skilled and dedicated coaches determined to help you lose fat, get stronger and look and feel great.


Got EM Fit is an ELITE training facility that utilizes the latest in exercise science concepts and combines it with functional movement training. This dynamic training experience will provide anyone with amazing results that will last and change the way you look at working out. We work hard to create a fun and friendly supportive atmosphere to help keep you motivated. Our Functional Fitness Training Classes are always fresh and unique so you will never get bored with your training experience. We focus on the following values:





We must work to get these 3 values into place, because with them we can create long term change. Losing weight and looking better isn’t the hard part; it’s maintaining it that becomes the challenge.
Got EM Fit is not for everyone. If you are looking for fad diets, two hour workouts, or training until you puke, this is not the place for you. If you are looking for a fitness community that makes training fun, utilizes flexible dieting principles, keeps you injury free, and helps you lose weight and feel great without yo-yoing, then sign up for a trial to see what we’re all about for yourself!

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